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Best Wineries at the Salon des Vignerons Indépendents in Lyon 2021

Hey friends, just popping in here to let you know that our wonderful independent winery salon is back in action! After a sad 2020 with no salon, I know I'm really excited to get back to Halle Tony Garnier to buy some wine.

This is an ENORMOUS event, so here are a few of my favorite producers.

A caveat: of course I have not tasted all the wines at this insanely large thing, and I am drawn to certain regions more than others, and work specifically with our local winemakers so this list will veer heavily towards wineries within 2 hours of Lyon.

This list is also not in any particular order, and if you do end up at these stalls please tell them I sent you! Stall number in italics.

Domaine Barat - Chablis, Burgundy

I've worked with these guys since I was a buyer in San Francisco and I really enjoy their classic Chablis. This is a region that can get real expensive real fast so it's nice to find someone that is good value!


Domaine Richard - Condrieu & St Joseph, Northern Rhône

I discovered Domaine Richard in London when I was deeply surprised by loving a Condrieu in a blind tasting. A lot of Condrieu is overpriced and greasy, this it not! I love their M... Martial St Joseph as well. Very nice people too.


Domaine Breton - Loire

A classic from the Loire, definitely indulge in some of their fabulous Cabernet Francs. These guys are OG natural winemakers, and have been big players on the organic scene for a long time.


Domaine Hamet-Spay - St Amour, Beaujolais

I love love love love love these wines. The St Amour Vers l'Eglise tastes like juice. Rachel the owner is a lovely person too. Please stop here and stock up on St Amour! This is really light, fruity, and damn easy to drink.


Domaine Rolet - Jura

Domaine Rolet is one of the big players in the Jura and is making truly lovely wines. They of course have all the weird and wonderful oxidized whites that the Jura is famous for, but they also make lovely light reds and more normal whites.


Domaine Magnien - Côte de Nuits, Burgundy

Magnien is legit. This is very, very good Burgundy. Burgundy prices are always going up so this is one to invest in now! I know I will be scooping up plenty of wine from him this year.


Domaine Dupasquier - Savoie

Obsessed with this domaine! Who knew the Alps could produce such incredibly fruity wines. Their single vineyard Marestel Rousette de Savoie is to die for, and I also love their Mondeuse reds. All of their wines are stunning.


Domaine Cady - Loire

Another favorite from the Loire, I particularly love their Anjou blanc and will be picking up at least one case of it!


Domaine de la Pinte - Jura

Delightful organic wines from the Jura. If you like Jura, check them out! If you don't know if you like Jura, check them out!


Domaine Ninot - Côte Chalonnaise, Burgundy

Burgundy is not a great place for value, but the Côte Chalonnaise is your best bet to find good quality for the price. I really like this brother and sister team and will be buying some Givry for sure!


Have a wonderful time!

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