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Top 5 Wine Shops in Lyon, France

Your guide to the best wine shops in Lyon

Given Lyon’s prime location amidst the Rhône, Beaujolais, and Burgundy regions, it’s no wonder that the city's wine shops offer an impressive selection of top-notch wines at affordable prices. Whether you're looking for a special bottle for a celebration or just want to try some French wines, Lyon's wine shops all share a common dedication to showcasing local wines. Additionally, most of the wine shops host intimate events with winemakers - making them that much more special.

When you step into one of Lyon's wine shops, it's like taking a trip through France's vineyards. The staff know the bottles and are happy to share stories about the winemakers and where the grapes were grown. 

In this guide we compiled a list of hidden gems and the ones the locals talk about, each contributing something unique. Let's dive into the top 5 wine shops in Lyon, France!

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1. Vignes et Vins Maison Fazeli

Nestled in the heart of Lyon’s 6th arrondissement, just a stone’s throw from the Foch metro station, Vignes et Vins Maison Fazeli isn’t just a wine shop—it's a haven for wine lovers and food enthusiasts alike.

What sets Maison Fazeli apart is its massive selection and approach to wine. Here, you won’t find a static wine list. Instead, the Fazeli family believes in the dynamic nature of wine tasting and selection. Their shelves constantly evolve, featuring over 90% French wines with a significant emphasis on the rare wines Rhône Valley and Burgundy—regions known for their rich winemaking heritage and exquisite bottles. This commitment to quality and variety ensures that every visit offers a new discovery.

A photo of Maison Fazeli deli and wine selection
Beyond the wine, Maison Fazeli presents a carefully curated selection of delicatessen products. It's a place where the worlds of fine wine and gourmet foods collide, offering visitors an opportunity to explore and pair their finds in one location. Photo Credit:

Vignes et Vins Maison Fazeli offers a unique proposition for those looking to host an event. Their tasting area, which can be privatized, accommodates up to 30 guests. Whether you’re planning a seminar, a company event, or a private evening, the shop provides an elegant and well-located venue that promises an unforgettable experience.

A photo of the wine selection
Photo Credit:

Most importantly, the team is attentive, passionate, English speaking, and always ready to help and be of service. As a visitor to Lyon you can’t ask for much more from a wine shop - don’t miss out on this unique gem!

Location: 11 Cr Franklin Roosevelt, 69006 Lyon, France

2. Maison Malleval

As we step into the dawn of its 154th year, Maison Malleval stands proudly as one of Lyon's most storied cellars, perhaps even the oldest. Since its founding in 1869, this venerable establishment has gracefully weathered the passage of time, preserving the authenticity and enchantment of its historic essence.

Maison Malleval curates an impressive selection exceeding 6,800 bottles of wines and spirits from France and beyond. The Rhône Valley wines are given special prominence, showcasing the depth and diversity of our local vineyards. Whether it's old vintages or new releases, bottles from celebrated winemakers or rising stars, accessible finds, or rare gems, there's something here for every palate.

And there's more—Maison Malleval also features a gourmet delicatessen with over 2,000 items, including spices, foie gras, chocolates, jams, coffees, and syrups, not to mention the famed Mariages Frères teas.

But perhaps the most incredible part of Maison Malleval lies hidden beneath its feet, in the underground cellars where time seems to pause. Here, in this secluded sanctuary, 60,000 bottles rest, aging gracefully, awaiting the day they might find a new home.

Whether you go to explore, learn, or simply bask in the legacy of Lyon's oldest cellar, Maison Malleval welcomes you to be part of its ongoing story.

Location: 11 Rue Emile Zola, 69002 Lyon, France

3. Le Troisième Fleuve

Lyon is said to be blessed with three rivers – the Rhône, the Saône (although some may debate that), and the Beaujolais, flowing freely. This inspired the creation of the "Troisième Fleuve" cellar (aka The Third River in English)—a project rooted in a decade's experience in Lyon's wine scene, focusing on Beaujolais.

Nestled in the residential neighborhood of Valmy, the cellar opened in December 2016. Three years later, they opened a second location in Lyon's city center at 3 Rue de Plâtre. 

Vincent (the owner) and his team are passionate about preserving Lyon's bond with Beaujolais. Their cellar is not just a place to buy wine; it's a hub for art, music, and community!

A photo of the wine bike trailer
How cool is this trailer making wine accessible for all? Photo courtesy of

This wine shop prides itself on exclusively natural wines. Their collection boasts around fifty estates from Beaujolais, available in various sizes—from half bottles to magnums, even jeroboams and cubitainers. With prices starting at around €6, they understand that quality wine doesn't have to break the bank. While they do offer options that reach higher price points, their core range falls between €8 and €25.

front doors of a wine shop in Lyon, France
Photo courtesy of

In addition to wines, they also offer a curated selection of spirits, steering clear of the usual suspects to bring customers unique finds. And for those who prefer a refreshing brew, their expanding beer range, with a preference for local brews, is sure to tantalize the taste buds. To round out the experience, they offer a selection of aperitifs, including anchovies, Pata Negra, bellota chorizo, and terrines!

Location: 11 Rue de Plâtre

4. Récoltant Manipulant

Tucked away in the heart of Lyon's 1st arrondissement, right by Place Sathonay, you’ll find Récoltant-Manipulant. At this woman-owned wine shop, they specialize in wines and Champagnes crafted exclusively by harvest winegrowers. That means the folks behind these bottles aren't just part of the process; they are the process, from grape to glass.

wine shop in lyon, france with owner standing outside
Photo credit of

At Récoltant-Manipulant, it's all about authenticity and traceability. They partner directly with winegrowers who tend their own vines, pick their own grapes, and produce and bottle their own wine. This hands-on approach ensures that every bottle on the shelves has its own identity, packed with stories and backed by genuine traceability. It's a collection of wines that not only taste good but also bring rich, nuanced tales of their origins to your glass.

shelf of wines at the wine shop in lyon, france
“The cellar is open from Tuesday afternoon to Sunday morning. Enough to save the beginnings of difficult weeks, as well as forgotten meals with mother-in-law.” - Quote and Photo credit of

And the vibe? It's laid-back. There are no stiff wine lectures here or commercialized blends. They're not out to start a revolution or claim they're the best in the biz. It's simply about seeing things differently—celebrating good wine, and regional products, and the joy of discovering flavors that speak of their roots. It's a refreshing take on the wine shop experience, emphasizing pleasure over pretense!

Location: 1 Rue Hippolyte Flandrin, 69001 Lyon, France

5. Vinica

Nestled on the slopes of the Croix-Rousse, Vinica presents an array of quality wines with a big spotlight on French wines, especially gems from the Rhône Valley, Beaujolais, and Côteaux du Lyonnais. Its strategic location provides a direct connection to local producers, ensuring proximity and authenticity in every bottle.

Vinica, derived from its Slovak origin, translates to "vineyard." It's the brainchild of two friends: Lukas from Slovakia and Clément from France. Both are driven by their passion for catering and, especially, wines, nurtured over several years.

Vinica is laid out in three parts. On the ground floor, you're greeted by a sales area showcasing most of their wine selection. Venture up to the first floor, and you find yourself in a well-appointed tasting room. Then there's the basement, home to the underground cellar where more exclusive bottles are carefully categorized.

Beautiful blue chairs around a large wood table for wine tasting
The tasting room upstairs is warm and inviting, with vibrant colors and modern design. Photo credit to 

But it's not just about wine. They've got other goodies to make any moment special, from liqueurs and spirits to beers. Plus, there's a little grocery section with sausages, terrines, toastinades, and more, perfect for pairing.

Small grocery section displayed on wood shelves
A sample selection of the little grocery section to simplify home pairings! Photo courtesy to 

What sets Vinica apart are their tastings, they have an upstairs room hosting themed tastings. For a unique night out, you can join every Thursday and Friday from 8:00 p.m., starting at €50 per person!

Location: 120 Mnt de la Grande-Côte, 69001 Lyon, France

So Many Great Lyon Wine Shops to Visit!

There you have it, the best of Lyon’s wine shop scene. Each shop has its own personality and story to tell, and we’re confident that you’ll find not just exceptional wines but also experiences. 

If you're keen on diving deeper into Lyon's wine culture, we recommend attending a wine tasting in Lyon with us held in our stylish apartment—a converted silk factory in the iconic Croix-Rousse district. Here, we curate a selection of seven different wines paired with a cheese board, providing insight into wine-tasting techniques and the unique characteristics of the local regions and their wines.

Do you have a favorite wine shop in Lyon? Drop it in the comments.

Plus, consider booking a wine tasting with us, cause they are awesome.

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