Frequently Asked Questions

When in doubt, contact me! I will respond to you. I'm always on my phone. Not during tastings though, don't worry.

Q: What language are the tastings in?

A: Lyon Wine Tastings are in American English with a solid base of Queen's English slang.

Q: Where do you get your wines from?

A: I get all my wines directly from the vineyards. Learn more about my suppliers here.

Q: My dates aren't showing up in the calendar.

A: I am probably out of town, but call or email me just in case!

Q: I want to book Wines of Lyon but only Burgundy in Depth is available, why?

A: There is only one of me, so whoever books first decides which tasting will take place that day.

Q: I'm a solo traveler and can't seem to book my preferred date

A: I love solo travelers and often am one! My minimum group size is 2, so solo travelers can't open up a booking, but you can book after it's already got other people on it. Does that make sense? Contact me and I can give you some alternative dates or keep you posted about availability.

Q: Can I bring my kids to your tastings?

A: Children aren't invited to my tastings for logistical reasons. Mostly it's cause I live in a studio, there's nowhere to put kids and I don't have any electricity in the cellar so they wouldn't be very happy down there either.

Q: Can you recommend stuff to do in Lyon?

A: Subscribe to my newsletter for your free guide to Lyon! Or head over to the blog to discover local tips.


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