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The Best Restaurant Wine Lists in Lyon, France

Updated: Apr 24

As the capital of French gastronomy, Lyon is surrounded by some of the country's most renowned wine regions, including Burgundy. In this guide, we’re sharing with you the best restaurants in Lyon with impressive wine lists. Whether you’re a seasoned wine enthusiast or just beginning to explore the world of wine, these restaurants offer an enlightening glimpse into the art of pairing, with wine lists that read like a love letter to the region's vineyards. Each spot on this list isn’t just a place to eat; it's where wine plays the lead role, perfectly pairing with every dish to take your dining experience to the next level. 

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Why do we love a good wine list?

Wine lists are super important to us. They're like the bridge between food and drink, making every meal extra special by matching flavors and introducing folks to awesome new wines they might not have tried before. A killer wine list shows how serious a restaurant is about quality and how deep their culinary vibe goes. Plus, it gives you a sneak peek into the region's wine scene and the sommelier's skills. When a wine list is put together with care, it can totally elevate your dining experience, making it a whole adventure that tantalizes your taste buds and adds to the whole dining story. Cheers to that!

Burgundy by Mathieu

Burgundy by Matthieu is our top wine spot in Lyon and now proudly boasts a Michelin star! This is a place where Chef Matthieu's passion for Burgundy wines brilliantly complements his culinary creations. With an expansive selection of over 1,000 wines from 80 estates, spanning the renowned regions of Burgundy, it offers a deep dive into the area's best—from Côte de Beaune to Chablis.

The list's thoughtful organization by appellation, plots, and winemakers makes discovering new favorites a breeze.

You can review the wine list right here on their website.

Photo courtesy:  

Cinc Mains

Cinc Mains in Lyon rolls out a wine list that's all about keeping it real and natural. We're talking organic, biodynamic, and minimal extras to keep the wines as honest as the folks who make them. With everything from old vintages to international wines, they've got a spread that's all about celebrating the pure, varied flavors of nature.

And when it comes to pairing these gems with their kitchen's creative dishes, magic happens. Imagine sipping a wine that feels like it was made for your meal – that's the kind of harmony Cinc Mains nails every time. Each bite and sip is a little celebration, making dining here a truly memorable feast.

Photo of some of the wine selection at Cinc Mains - Photo credit - Cinc Main Facebook Page

Maison Clovis

This is an amazing place with an even more amazing wine list! Maison Clovis carefully curated their wine list to elevate every aspect of your meal. What makes Maison Clovis's wine list truly exceptional is its dedication to showcasing a diverse array of wines that perfectly complement the restaurant's cuisine.

We love that Maison Clovis’ celebrates both established classics and hidden gems on their wine list. 

Le vin s’améliore avec l’âge, moi je m’améliore avec le vin/ Wine improves with age, and I improve with wine - Photo and quote credit Maison Clovis facebook Page


Leptine, the place we used to call Morfal, serves up a wine list that's pretty much a globe-trot in your glass. It starts with the soulful French wines we all love and then jets you off to sip on Argentina's lush reds and New Zealand's crisp whites, with plenty of stops along the way. The vibe? All about natural wines, a cool by-the-glass lineup, and spot-on advice whenever you want to try something new.

Photo of natural wine served at Leptine - Photo credit to Leptine Facebook Page

Le Troquet

Le Troquet in Lyon is your cozy corner for diving into the world of natural wines. They've got a knack for picking out wines that show off the hard work and green thumbs of winemakers who stick to organic and biodynamic ways. Think of their wine list as a treasure map, leading you through a world of unique tastes—from zesty whites and deep reds to bubblies that make you smile.

What's cool about Le Troquet is their love for natural wines, made with the least fuss possible, letting the true colors of their grapey roots shine through. Each bottle tells a story of where it comes from and the eco-friendly hands that crafted it.

Photo of wine selection at Le Troquet - photo from Le Troquet Instagram

L'Atelier des Augustins

L'Atelier des Augustins, nestled right in the bustling heart of Lyon's 1st arrondissement, has just snagged itself a shiny Michelin star, and let me tell you, their wine list is something to rave about. This place really nails the essence of Lyon's wine culture, offering up local gems that make you feel right at home, alongside international stars that take your palate on a world tour. And their wine pairing? Spot on, making each dish an adventure in taste.

For Nicolas Guilloton, it's all about love when it comes to wine. The chef has dived deep into the flavors of various regions, with a special place in his heart for Burgundy, and has honed an incredible wine sensitivity. After much exploration, he's curated a cellar boasting over 400 references, with an especially rich collection from Burgundy, the Loire, and the Rhône Valley.


Nosch in Lyon is the ultimate spot for wine enthusiasts, located right in the vibrant second arrondissement. They've carefully selected a diverse and exciting wine list with lots of love, offering a wide range from local treasures to global finds. It's perfect whether you're deep into your wine journey or just starting out, with pairings that complement any of their mouthwatering dishes. Over at the corner of Rue du Palais Grillet and Rue Ferrandière, you'll find NOSCH Le Comptoir. Here, you can pick up your favorite NOSCH treats to go, snag bottles at wine shop prices, or enjoy some evening aperitifs straight from the counter.

A Birthday celebration assortment of wine at Nosch - Photo credit to Nosch Facebook

Café Terroir

Café Terroir, right in Lyon's heart, offers a wine list that's a shoutout to the area's winemaking scene. You'll find everything from refreshing Beaujolais to rich Rhône blends, celebrating local vineyards. It's about the best local sips, drawing you into Lyon's renowned wine culture.

La Cave à Manger takes the wine bar concept up a notch with exceptional local products and a vast selection of wines and spirits. With 1,200 wine choices, the team at La Cave Café Terroir aims to introduce you to unique vintages that reflect the winemakers' skills and the terroir's influence on the wine's flavor.

Caroline of WineDineCaroline at La Cave Café Terroir

Le Café du Peintre

Nestled between Lyon's Brotteaux district and Part Dieu, Café du Peintre is a beloved Lyon gem. While their traditional cuisine sourced from the local market is a draw, it's their exceptional wine list that steals the spotlight.

Florence Périer, revered as a culinary icon in Lyon, meticulously curates their daily menu, featuring timeless classics such as veal blanquette, pork cheek sauté, and lamb brains meunière. But it's Maxime, her son, who brings the wine list to life.

With a selection of 1,200 wines, Maxime's passion for wine shines as he guides guests through their extensive offerings. Whether it's discovering new favorites or sharing his latest wine finds, Maxime's enthusiasm ensures that each guest finds the perfect wine to complement their meal.

From small-scale producers in Beaujolais, Burgundy, and the Rhône Valley, Café du Peintre's wine list celebrates the diversity and quality of regional wines, making it a must-visit destination for wine enthusiasts in Lyon.

Photo Credit Le Café du Peintre Facebook page


At L’Ecume, they're all about pairing great food with awesome drinks. Xavier, their head sommelier, has handpicked 300 wines, beers, spirits, and juices to jazz up your dining experience.

Xavier knows his stuff, so you can trust that each drink complements their dishes perfectly. Whether you're into bold reds, crisp whites, or cool craft beers, they've got you covered.

Plus, Xavier's got a cool thing going on where he picks out a bunch of wines each month for you to grab and go with their click & collect service. So, even when you're chilling at home, you can still enjoy L’Ecume's vibes with Xavier's top picks.

A selection of wines available for Click and Collect - Photo Credit to L’Ecume Facebook Page


Le Mercière

Le Mercière in Lyon is a dream spot for wine lovers. Here, you'll find a wine list that's been lovingly put together, with each bottle chosen to go hand in hand with the classic Lyonnaise dishes this famed bouchon dishes out. They've got a soft spot for local wines, picking ones that just sing alongside the rich, comforting flavors of Lyon’s traditional cuisine. What makes Le Merciere stand out is how they've nailed the art of the bouchon wine list. 

Review their wine list here!

A photo of their wine cellar - Photo courtesy to Le Mercière Facebook page

La Meunière

La Meunière, smack in the heart of Lyon, really stands out from the crowd with its bang-on wine list. It feels like they've bottled the very spirit of Lyon, picking wines that go hand-in-hand with their classic Lyonnaise grub. Here you can find that just-right red for a hearty coq au vin or the crisp white that makes delicate quenelles sing, they've got the pairing game nailed.

But here’s the real kicker about La Meuniere for us: it’s all about the vibes and the good times rolled into one. Their wine list? It’s not just a bunch of names and grapes; it’s like a roadmap to fun times and great tastes, all wrapped up in Lyon’s awesome food scene. It's where amazing food meets incredible wine, turning every meal into an experience we can't wait to dive into again

A wonderful selection of wines that may be found at La Meunière - Photo credit - La Meunière Facebook page

Want to learn more about wine while in Lyon?

Join us for a tasting!

Our tastings are awesome because we share all of the different wines of the many regions that surround Lyon. And we have a super cute dog named Buffy who sometimes joins us for our tasting.

Our tastings are deeply educational but also super fun, and you will leave knowing a lot more about wine than you started with!

In conclusion, there are many great wine restaurant wine lists to choose from in Lyon, depending on the type of experience you're looking for. Happy tasting!

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