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The Best Hotels in Lyon France in 2024

Updated: Apr 24

Looking for accommodation in Lyon? I've got you covered. This comprehensive guide of 26 hotels was put together to address the crazy lack of information about Lyon in English online. I tried to use ChatGPT to write it but it spit out a load of lies so I, an actual human, spent hours making this. I hope it's useful!

Wide angle shot of the Saône River and Lyons Medieval Old Town on a bright summer day
Lyon is so beautiful, and full of great hotels

Your Local Guide to the 26 Top Lyon Hotels

How can I help? I'm a British American sommelier living in Lyon since 2017, and as a hospitality veteran I know what's good. I also have my business hosting wine tastings for English speaking tourists, so I'm always getting the scoop on Lyon's hotel scene.

Lyon is one of France's most beautiful and vibrant cities, offering travelers a wealth of cultural attractions, delicious local cuisine, and stunning scenery. Whether you're looking for luxury accommodation or something more budget-friendly, there is a hotel to suit every traveler's needs.

As a tour operator running wine tastings in the city, I hear all about my guests hotel stays and have loads of insight into which hotels are the best for travelers visiting Lyon right now. This is a current list that I keep updated, so read on!

This guide will provide an overview of the best hotels in Lyon for the year 2023. From five-star boutique hotels to affordable options, I have rounded up some of the top hotels to stay in Lyon France.

No matter what your budget is or what type of amenities you are looking for in a hotel, this list should help narrow down your search and make it easier to find the perfect place to stay in Lyon. Read on to learn more about the best hotels in Lyon for 2023.

Also, if you do book any of these hotels based on my recommendation, please tell them you found them through me! I don't get any kickbacks (I wish), but I do get brownie points and that's always valuable as a foreign lady business owner. For real.

Looking for something specific? Skip ahead

Where to stay in Lyon as a Traveler

Us locals call Lyon "human sized", it's very walkable. I recommend staying in the center of town and as close to the rivers as you can. Yes we have excellent public transportation, but it's nice to be in the heart of things if you are a tourist in Lyon.

I recommend that you stay within this crudely drawn area or as close to it as possible.

Please understand that Lyon is defined by two rivers that meet at the bottom of the city (called the Confluence, ie... the confluence of two rivers. Get it?) and that it is dominated by two very big hills. This is important when choosing where to stay, depending on your mobility you will want to avoid staying on one of the two giant hills.

By "giant hill" I'm talking 15+ minutes of stairs. Very good for the booty, quite intense on the lungs. If you'd like an in-depth visitor's guide to Lyon's arrondissements, check out this post.

Lyon's Top Luxury Hotels

Lyon has some fabulous luxury hotels if you're up for breaking the bank. These are far and away the hotels where you can live the high life.

wide shot of Lyon's Intercontinental Hotel at Hotel Dieu including the Dome Bar with the River Rhône in front
The Intercontinental at Hôtel Dieu

Intercontinental at Grand Hôtel-Dieu

The Intercontinental Hôtel-Dieu is in my opinion the best choice for visitors to Lyon in 2023. Ideally located on the banks of the Rhone River, it is perfectly situated to provide guests with great views over the river or the palatial courtyard, and a super convenient location. It's centrally located and makes a perfect base to navigate the whole city. Inside of a gorgeous historic building, the Intercontinental boasts the fabulous cocktail bar inside a giant architectural marvel of a dome, and has the city's best hotel breakfast.

Location: 2éme Arrondissement, Prime spot along the Rhône

Price: €€€

Luxurious Hotel Room in Lyon France with fine art glass behind a grey headboard with a red blanket and two bedside tables
Fancy room at the Villa Maia

Villa Maïa

For the ultimate in luxury it's got to be the Villa Maïa. This is the spot for those who crave exquisite detail and discretion. The Villa Maïa sits next to the ancient Roman ampitheater overlooking Lyon, and has a stunning spa. It is affiliated with the famed Michelin Starred Têtedoi restaurant, which is right next door. The Villa Maïa is owned by Lyon magnate Christophe Gruy, who also owns the Château de la Chaize in Beaujolais, where they make stunning wine in a brand new and frankly gorgeous winery. This opulent hotel is part of the Leading Hotels of the World network.

Location: 5éme Arrondissement, Fourvière Hill

Price: €€€€

A fine dining hotel restaurant with a view over the old town of Lyon during the daytime, black and gold chairs, white tablecloths
Epic view from the restaurant at the Villa Florentine Hotel

Villa Florentine

This Relais & Châteaux hotel boasts a stunning view over the city from where it sits just above the Old Town. Opulent rooms and a gastronomic restaurant with an extraordinary terrace are what you can expect here. Enjoying the view poolside is a must-do in summer. The Villa Florentine also newly offer apartment suites for those who want a little more space and privacy during their stay.

Location: 5éme Arrondissement, just above the Old Tovwn

Price: €€€€

a blue swimming pool underground in a vaulted cellar with stone walls
Beautiful underground pool at Lyon's Boscolo Hotel

Boscolo Hotel

This hotel is centrally located along the Rhône river in a beautiful Haussmann era building. It features an underground spa complete with swimming pool. Part of the Italian Boscolo hotel group, it's all about sleek luxury and opulent detail. Ok I lied, really it's all about swimming under an ancient vaulted ceiling before a Thalasso massage.

Location: 2éme Arrondissement, on the Rhône river right in the center of town

Price: €€€

Cour des Loges (CLOSED)

Cour des Loges is closed for much needed renovation. This 5 star hotel is a staple of the old town but was pretty busted the last time I saw inside of it when my parents came to visit in 2018. It reminded me of Moulin Rouge meets a boat. It's a fabulous location and a gorgeous building, so hopefully it comes back with plenty of improvements! Slated to be open in November 2023.

Best Boutique Hotels in Lyon France

We are spoiled for choice here in Lyon for cute boutique hotels owned by locals.

Ainay Abbey on a bright day with the Hotel de l'Abbaye to the right of it
Hotel de l'Abbaye is named after the ancient Abbey right next door

Hotel de l'Abbaye

This charming new hotel just across from a stunning medieval Abbey is in a beautiful but tranquil part of town. It's central enough to be super accessible, but nicely tucked away to be private and quiet. This is a small place with a handful of rooms, and a fancy restaurant delightfully called l'Artichaut.

Location: 2éme Arrondissement, in the quiet neighborhood of Ainay

Price: €€€

A long table and chairs in a bright room at Le Phenix Hotel in Lyon with wine glasses set up for a wine tasting
I hosted a corporate wine tasting here at Le Phenix Hotel! How cute is it?

Hotel le Phénix

Ideally located along the Sâone river in the Old Town, Le Phenix was recently renovated and modern and gorgeous. With a cute little bar and a great breakfast spread, this is also a very affordable place. What's more, the helpful staff will help you organize your day trips and activities in and around Lyon. This is part of a local independent group with 3 hotels who share a fantastic concierge team, so you'll get really good recommendations from them.

Location: 5éme Arrondissement, on the Quai de Saône in of Vieux Lyon, right next to my favorite karaoke bar Elody's Pub

Price: €€-€€€

A bright and design oriented hotel room with a white bed and a metal swing, sink in the foreground
One of the fabulous suites at the MiHotel Lyon

MiHotel Lyon

MiHotel is a fun concept, with digital check in only to a variety of fabulous suites scattered around prime locations in the city. These gorgeous rooms are all over the city's best neighborhoods to stay in, they have a few different sites that are all immaculately presented. They don't have lobbies or restaurants, the whole idea is that you are free to not have to deal with face to face interaction. All of the suites are large and beautiful decorated.

Location: All over the city in prime spots

Price: €€

Lyon's Best Hotels for Business Travelers

Lyon is a hub for international business, did you know I love doing corporate wine tastings? Best for VIP events cause they're fabulous. Contact me to learn more!

A modern hotel foyer with table and chairs in Lyon
A business room for doing business at the Marriott Hotel in Lyon

Marriott Cité International

If you're doing business at the Centre de Congrès attached to the park, it's handy to stay here. This is a big hotel with big rooms for doing business, and has a business hotel vibe. It's in a modern complex that wraps around the Northwestern edge of the Parc de la Tête d'Or.

Location: 6éme Arrondissement, inside the Cité International which includes the Centre de Congrès

Price: €€

A terrace with table and chairs and a green lawn at the Reine Astrid Hotel in Lyon
Behold an actual garden in Lyon at the Warwick Reine Hotel, it's a miracle!

The Warwick Reine Astrid

This is a fancier option than the Marriott and is on the other side of the Parc de la Tête d'Or along the fabulous Boulevard des Belges which is lined with insane mansions. The Reine Astrid is a high end place that is well appointed and has a lovely garden, a serious rarity in Lyon.

Location: 6éme Arrondissement, along a stretch of bourgeois mansions on the southern side of the park

Price: €€€

A bright hotel restaurant interior
The restaurant at the Radisson Blu has a great view

Radisson Blu Lyon

The Radisson is housed in a hideous building that looks like a brown crayon, clearly designed by whatever was going on in the 1970s. But inside it's a normal hotel and the restaurant has a fantastic view of the city. It's right next to the Part-Dieu train station, which is why it is on this list.

Location: 3éme Arrondissement, near the Part-Dieu train station which a terrible place that is perpetually under construction and you should only spend time in because you need the train station or because you're visiting Les Halles de Paul Bocuse. Honestly I'm sure it's a nice hotel, but it's a dire part of town.

Price: €€-€€€

A bright hotel room with a bed, tv, desk, table, and suitcase
The Moxy Hotel in Lyon has a fun vibe and is inside the airport

Moxy Lyon

This is our brand new airport hotel that is literally inside the airport. Apparently it's really cool and nicely done. Handy for if you have a late arrival or an early departure. Want to know more about getting to and from Lyon? Read this!

Location: Inside the St Exupéry Airport

Price: €€

Best Chic and Contemporary Hotels in Lyon

These are the best design oriented hotels in Lyon France. We have loads of options for the discerning traveler!

Orange and green tables on a rooftop hotel restaurant in Lyon France on a sunny day
Mama Shelter Lyon has a cool rooftop bar and restaurant

Mama Shelter Lyon

As always Mama Shelter brings the style, with funky designer rooms, a good restaurant with brunch, and a rooftop bar. This is slightly out of the tourist way in Lyon's 7th Arrondissement, but nothing wrong with that! Loads of great bars and restaurants around this neighborhood.

Location: 7éme Arrondissement, this is where the cool kids are

Price: €€

A blue and beige hotel foyer with blue chairs and small tables, and blue columns, wide angle
Chic interiors abound at Okko Hotels Lyon

Okko Hotels Lyon

The Okko is in a really great location, right on the Rhône river across from all the action. I have had many clients stay here and they have never been disappointed. Housed in a gorgeous Haussmann era building, the interior is modern and design orientd.

Location: 6éme Arrondissement, right on the Quai de Rhône near all the river boats, great spot!

Price: €€

Blurry foreground table and chairs for a restaurant with Lyon's basilica in the background
Check out the view from the rooftop bar at Lyon's Maison No Hotel

Maison Nô

This is a very well located hotel right in the center of the Presqu'Île (don't know what that is? Read my guide to Lyon's neighborhoods!) and it has a super cool rooftop bar. With a gym, sauna, and private lobby, this is a chic little spot housed in the building of a former bank.

Location: 2éme Arrondissement, right in the thick of our downtown area.

Price: €€€

Blue painted exterior of an old building in Lyon with tables and chairs outside on the street
Cute exterior of Hotel Silky by HappyCulture

Hotel Silky by HappyCulture

I've heard great things about this small hotel which is also right in the center of town. With cute, lively colorful interiors, the rooms are spacious and it has nice bathrooms. Staff are friendly and they do a good breakfast.

Location: 2éme Arrondissement, in the middle of the center of town next to great shopping and restaurants.

Price: €€

Lyon's Top Classic French Hotels

If you're looking for a more traditional vibe, here are a few of Lyon's favorite classic hotels.

A grand Haussmann era hotel in Lyon
A fine central location for The Carlton Hotel

Hotel Carlton

This large hotel is in a gorgeous Haussmann era building right in the center of the Presqu'Île with one of those ancient fancy cage elevators that you can see into. It's so cool. They also boast a hammam and spa.

Location: 2éme Arrondissement, right in the thick of it

Price: €€€

an ambush of blue wallpaper and curtain
Fabulous fabrics at Le Royal Hotel in Lyon

Le Royal

With a lovely oldschool vibe, this 5 star hotel is brimming with colorful French country fabrics. It's also attached to the Institut Paul Bocuse cooking school, where you can try food from France's future top chefs!

Location: 2éme Arrondissement, right on the central Place Bellecour

Price: €€€

A green hotel room with a white bed
Chic room at hotel Globe et Cecil

Globe et Cecil

This is part of a small local hotel group that also includes Le Phénix, also on this list. Each of the 59 rooms in this historic hotel are individually decorated and full of charm. They also boast are restaurant with a fabulous breakfast.

Location: 2éme Arrondissement, near the delightful Place des Jacobins

Price: €€-€€€

A Haussmann era hotel in Lyon
Gorgeous grand hotel Mercure Beaux Arts

Hotel Mercure Beaux Arts

Another classic, with well appointed rooms and an ideal location. Won't lie, the design is straight out of 2003 but I mean that's cool right? Peak Britney.

Location: 2éme Arrondissement, near Places des Jacobins which is a very beautiful square with a fancy fountain

Price: €€€

Best Budget Hotels in Lyon

Budget hotel is a bit of an oxymoron these days, but they do still exist! Here are my picks for great places to stay in Lyon for under a hundred and fifty euros a night.

front of an old stone building with the sign TAGGAT in big black letters
Taggat Hotel in the 6th Arrondissement

Hotel Taggat

This small hotel in the fancy 6th arrondissement is affordable and also doubles as an art gallery, if you love the art in your room, you can buy it! It's a nice, quiet part of town that is ideal if you want to be away from the hustle and bustle.

Location: 6éme Arrondissement in the Foch neighborhood, which is just across the river from the Opèra

Price: €

A warm orange walled courtyard close up of drinks on a black outdoor table
Lovely courtyard at the Hotel Edmond W.

Hotel Edmond W.

This boutique hotel gets rave reviews from friends and is located in the fancy neighborhood of Brotteaux, which is conveniently close to the train station without getting caught up in the insanity of all the construction. They have a little garden and a lovely breakfast.

Location: 6éme Arrondissement, in Brotteaux which is a bougie 'hood near the Part-Dieu station.

Price: €

Wide open industrial restaurant space with long tables and high top chairs
Cool and chic industrial restaurant at the Pilo Hotel

Pilo Hotel

A brand new offering in Lyon, this is a is a big industrial building with sleek modern design and is a combination hotel and hostel, with a restaurant and co-working space. It's up in the Les Pentes neighborhood so you'll need to be comfortable with stairs. It's really cool, minimalist design with a hip, friendly vibe.

Location: 1er Arrondissement, next to a beautiful abandoned Roman Amphitheatre that most tourists never venture near

Price: €

Best Hostels in Lyon

Our hostels tend to be quite sophisticated, although some are livelier than others!

Pilo Hotel again, it's also a hostel

See above

Cool people moving around a bright room with blue tables and chairs
The cool coffee shop at Away Hostel in Lyon

Away Hostel & Coffee Shop

The Away Hostel is in a great location just north of the Opèra. This is a well known and loved spot for locals as well due to its bright coffee shop and events space. It's not a big party vibe hostel, more of a grown up spot for affordable accommodation in Lyon.

Location: 1er Arrondissement, ideally located in a calm corner

Price: €

white dorm room hostel
Dorms at Slo Living Hostel

Slo Living Hostel

This hostel in the 7th Arrondissement is located near the Universities and where all the cool stuff for cool young people is. I am not cool or young but I can say that this neighborhood always makes me feel like an old fart, even as I enjoy its vibrant bar and restaurant scene. What even are kids these days wearing? The Slo Living Hostel has a fantastic terrace as well, good stuff!

Location: 7éme Arrondissement, which is vibrant and awesome

Price: €

a brown dorm room
The dorms at Lyon's ho36 Hostel

ho36 Hostel Lyon Guillotière

Also located in the 7th arrondissement, this cute hostel has nice rooms, a vibrant bar, and food. This has a friendly vibe and is reported to be very comfy. Also some outdoor space in the summer months!

Location: 7éme Arrondissement, where the students hang out and the cool people go

Price: €

Thanks for reading my guide to Lyon's top hotels!

I hope that was helpful, if you do decide to book, please let them know I sent you so I get a good reputation around town. Again, none of these folks have paid me to be on the list, I wish they would! And book a wine tasting with me, cause they are awesome.

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Location: 7éme Arrondissement, where the students hang out and the cool people go

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