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The Ultimate Guide to Taylor Swift Eras Tour in Lyon 2024

Updated: Apr 24

Taylor Swift is bringing the Eras tour to Europe and we are so excited that she's coming to Lyon in June 2024. Lyon is an amazing city in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of France, known for its rich history, culture, and culinary delights. This article is your ultimate guide to Lyon for Taylor Swift's Eras Tour.

Don't miss out these incredible Taylor Swift Drag Brunches before each concert date that include private buses to and from the stadium, or our ultra luxury Eras Tour Château Garden Party on the 4th. You read that right, we're throwing a Taylor themed party in an 800 year old French castle.

We will cover event details, the stadium, transport, how to get to Lyon, where to stay in Lyon, things to do here. We suggest getting to know the transport advice before you choose where to stay, as not all parts of town are equally accessible to the Groupama Stadium.

Take me to:

taylor swift Eras Tour Lyon France Groupama Stadium

Who am we to offer this advice? We are a team of of sommeliers, who hosts wine tastings in English. We know that there is a serious lack of quality information about Lyon in English online, and we are trying to fix that. We run our Taylor Swift Eras Tour in Lyon facebook group, which is a great resource for those coming to the concerts.

2024 Taylor Swift Eras Tour in Lyon Dates and Times

Sunday June 2nd at 6:30pm

Monday June 3rd at 6:30pm

Paramour will be opening for Taylor.

A wide angle shot of the Groupama Olympique Lyonnais Stadium in Lyon
Groupama Olympique Lyonnais Stadium

Olympique Lyonnais Groupama Stadium

Groupama Stadium is a 59,000 seater stadium about 20 kilometers driving to the east of Lyon. It is home to our football team Olympique Lyonnais, and hosted the FIFA Women's World Cup in 2018. We hosted matches for the Rugby World Cup this summer, and often have amazing concerts.

How to get to the Lyon Stadium for Taylor Swift Eras Tour

The best way to get to the stadium is to join us at our incredibly opulent Swiftie Drag Brunch! We will be providing private bus transportation from the gorgeous brunch venue in Central Lyon to the stadium, and we'll bring you back again at the end of the night. That means you can avoid all the chaos of Lyon's train station after a concert, and get home more easily. Get your tickets here!

Driving to Groupama Stadium

The stadium is like a 25-minute drive from Lyon's downtown, assuming there's no crazy traffic. But come on, we all know there's gonna be a ton of it for the gigs. Luckily, we've got Uber and Bolt here, so you don't really need a car in Lyon – it's kind of a hassle, to be honest. If you do decide to drive, just know that the stadium parking might fill up, and the city has paid parking lots because street parking is a nightmare. Honestly, driving in Lyon is a bit wild, especially in the city center – it's like a crazy obstacle course. We'd say steer clear if you can.

Public Transport to Lyon's Taylor Swift Concert

Lyon has great public transport in general with well connected buses, trams, and an underground metro. You don't need to buy tickets in advance, you can just tap you card in the moment. To get to the stadium, you will need either the bus or the tram, and likely the metro too. The metro does not run all the way to the stadium, which is only serviced by 2 trams and a variety of buses.

The two tram stations that serve the stadium are called Décines OL Vallée and Décines Grand Large, but on concert days there are also special trams from Lyon just for the gigs.

Getting the Tram to OL Stadium

CONCERT DAY TRAMS: On concert days there will be special trams that leave from near the Part-Dieu Station, it's not the same station as the regular trams. With your ticket they will likely share booking information about this tram, which you'll need to get a ticket for according to our best information at this time. Here is where concert day trams leave from, the advice below still applies in terms of connecting from the metro to the tram so keep reading.

The everyday tram from the heart of Lyon that takes you to the stadium is the T3 from Gare Part-Dieu, our biggest train station, which delightfully has been under construction since before Caroline moved here in 2017. The tram station is outside of the main train station, just across the road from the eastern "Alps" exit.

Unfortunately, this is on the opposite side of the station from the metro exit, which is outside of the "Rhône" exit to the west. If you do take the tram from Part-Dieu and plan on using the metro to get to that station, metro station exit number 3 at Place Charles Béraudie is your best choice, and you will have to go straight through the train station to the other side to get the tram. Good luck. The T3 goes from just outside the station but the special match day trams go from further south.

If you need to go through Part-Dieu, give yourself an extra 20 minutes to navigate going through the station.

The other tram is the T7, will take you from the Vaulx-en-Velin station, a suburb on Lyon's north eastern edge. It's not a particularly interesting or beautiful part of town for a tourist, so we would not recommend staying there, but it is conveniently at the end of the metro A line, which runs right through the center of Lyon's Presqu'Île (the little peninsula between the two rivers) and connects with many other lines.

Getting the Bus to the Eras Tour in Lyon

The bus is useless from the center of town.

Orange and pink city houses along an urban staircase with bunting in Lyon France
Lyon is beautiful!

How to Get to Lyon for the Taylor Swift Eras Tour

It's so handy that we already wrote about this here! You can come to Lyon by plane, train, bus, car, and even by boat.

Where to Stay in Lyon during the Taylor Swift Eras Tour

Oh look at this, our handy guide to Lyon's hotels. This is one circumstance where we think staying near the Part-Dieu station wouldn't be a terrible idea, but it's not a particularly charming neighborhood. If you're going for an Airbnb, check out our guide to Lyon's neighborhoods.

If you wanted to have the most amazing time enjoying Lyon while you attend the Taylor Swift concerts, I would stay within a 15-20 minute walk of the metro A line, get the metro to Vaulx-en-Velin, and then get the tram from there. That covers Vieux Lyon (5éme Arrondissement), the high end 6th Arrondissement, and everything between Hôtel de Ville and Perrache (2éme Arrondissement).

We will warn you that Perrache may not be under construction, but is an equally terrible train station and is also better avoided. We would not recommend staying south of Perrache, right by the station is dirty and dark and weird and then the Confluence neighborhood is really modern and far away from everything so it's not great for tourists.

Swiftie Brunch Pre-Game!

We are so thrilled to announce that Caroline will be hosting Swiftie Drag Brunches at one of Lyon's coolest restaurants on both days of the concert. Hosted by an array of Queens including Lyon's top star Victoria Idole.

This boozy brunch will include... brunch! Rosé flowing, a lipstick bar, friendship bracelet bar, and more. This will also include buses to the stadium!

With 120,000 people coming to these concerts, we know these drag brunch tickets are going to sell out fast!

this is where we're doing it omg it's beautiful

Taylor Swift Meet Up Dinner

Start your concert day with a Taylor Swift Themed Wine Tasting Dinner right in the historic heart of Lyon. It’s the perfect spot to get in the Swift mood with a menu inspired by Taylor’s hits and paired with delicious wines.

The venue is as charming as a scene from Taylor's music videos, offering an intimate setting to mingle with fellow fans and indulge in a gourmet experience that celebrates Taylor's musical journey.

Spaces are limited, so be sure to book early! Whether you’re a local or just in town for the concert, this dinner is the perfect way to elevate your Taylor Swift night

Date & Time:

Saturday June 1st at 19:30

📍Location: Le Café des Féderations

Taylor In Lyon Swiftie Drag Brunch

Imagine this: before you head off to the concert, you get to bask in the glory of Tay's music, surrounded by fellow Swifties at a fabulous drag brunch in the chic Brotteaux neighborhood.

The tickets are super inclusive too! Not only do you get a delectable brunch with luxe options like croque-monsieur and smoked salmon, but it also covers two glasses of the finest rosé from Château de Corcelles to set the mood. And the fun doesn't stop at food and drinks—there's a full line-up of performances by drag queens, including the fabulous Victoria Idole. They're going all out with a friendship bracelet station and a lipstick bar, making sure you look your Swiftie best.

And the best part? The ticket includes bus transportation directly to Groupama Stadium. No hassles with parking or navigating—just pure, unadulterated Taylor Swift joy.

 Date & Time: June 2nd & 3rd, 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

📍 location: CoCo, Brotteaux

Eras Enchantment Swiftie Château Garden Party

We're kicking things off with a scenic bus ride from Central Lyon to this dreamy castle, where Taylor's albums from her debut to "Folklore" and "Evermore" will come to life in the lush gardens.

Expect fabulous drag performances that creatively toast to Taylor's hits, and get ready to treat yourself with delicious eats from top French caterers. Think interactive food stations, where you can play chef, and sip on chic wines and drinks from Maison Mirabeau.

Want to feel like a VIP? 'Swift's Sanctuary' inside the castle offers exclusive perks like art-adorned antiques, private balcony views, and curated wine tastings.

Given the exclusive allure of this venue, adorned with the Château owner’s personal art collection and featuring VIP balcony and interior access, space is extremely limited to just 30 guests.

 Date & Time:

Tuesday June 4th at 12pm

📍Location: Château de Champs-Renard, Beaujolais 

Free Swiftie's Guide to Lyon

Carving more Lyon and Taylor? Check out our FREE guide for Swifties in Lyon! Explore the charming and historic atmosphere of this city with our comprehensive 22-page e-book and a detailed Google map that highlights 68 must-visit locations. This guide covers a wide range of attractions including local activities, eateries, and shopping destinations to enhance your experience. Perfect for travelers looking to maximize their visit!

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