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Wine-Themed Souvenirs from Lyon: Unique Gifts to Bring Back from Your Visit

Are you planning a trip to Lyon, France, and thinking about what souvenirs you want to bring home? While exploring the city's vibrant streets and shops, you’ll have many opportunities to choose items that resemble Lyon's rich wine culture!

Whether you're a wine connoisseur or simply looking for unique gifts for friends and family, Lyon offers an array of wine-themed souvenirs that are perfect to add to your collection.

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Here are some of the top wine-inspired mementos to consider bringing back from your Lyon adventure:

1. Local Wines

Of course, the most obvious choice is to bring home a bottle or two of Lyon's finest wines. When you’re in Lyon, you have access to wines from world-renowned regions such as Burgundy, Beaujolais, and the Rhône Valley! You can purchase from wine shops, markets, vineyards, or even wine tastings.

Check out our Top 5 Wine Shops in Lyon, France Blog Post for some suggestions!

*Remember to check airline policies and international wine allowance regulations

2. Wine Glasses

Elevate your home wine-tasting experience with a set of elegant wine glasses. Look for glasses adorned with the emblem of Lyon or featuring intricate designs inspired by the city's architecture. These stylish souvenirs will not only remind you of your time in Lyon but also enhance your enjoyment of wine back home.

3. Wine Accessories

From corkscrews and bottle stoppers to wine pourers and aerators, Lyon offers a plethora of wine accessories to choose from. Pick up a beautifully crafted corkscrew themed to Lyon's iconic landmarks or a sleek wine pourer to elevate your at-home experience for years to come. These accessories particularly make great gifts for all of the wine lovers in your life!

4. Wine Corks

This is one of our personal favorites because, in a way, it’s “free!” When you go to a restaurant and order a bottle of wine, just ask your waiter if you can keep the cork from the bottle. You can even continue this tradition in other places you travel! Once you get home, you can keep the corks as is or make them into unique home decor or crafts. 

5. Wine Books and Guides:

Delve deeper into Lyon's wine culture with a selection of books and guides dedicated to the region's winemaking heritage. Depending on what gift shop you visit, you can often find informative guides on Lyon's wine routes, historical accounts of the city's wine trade, or illustrated coffee table books showcasing the beauty of Lyon's vineyards.

6. Wine-themed Artwork:

Capture the essence of your Lyon journey with artisan-crafted artwork capturing the charm of Lyon’s vineyards or whimsical wine-themed prints. Bringing home a piece of artwork encapsulates the vibrant spirit of any city you visit on such a deeper level - and you get to help support a local artist’s dream come true!

Some art galleries we love in Lyon are Galerie d'art Carré d'artistes L'Expo or Art Generation Lyon.

7. Food Items

Bring a taste of Lyon's culinary heritage home with you by stocking up on gourmet food products that perfectly complement an at-home wine night. Many shops and vineyards will sell wrapped cheese, chocolate, or meat that are easy to transport. These delectable treats make for delicious souvenirs to share with loved ones.

8. Wine-related Apparel

Show off your love for Lyon's wine scene with wine-themed apparel and accessories. Look for t-shirts featuring witty wine-related slogans, stylish aprons to wear in the kitchen, or cozy scarves with wine-inspired hues. These fashionable souvenirs will add a touch of Lyon flair to your wardrobe.

In Conclusion...

Lyon offers many great souvenirs that perfectly complement the memories you’ll make on your trip. It’s truly the perfect opportunity to bring the joy of French Wine into your very own home. We’re excited to see what treasures you find on your journey. 

Want to learn more about wine while in Lyon?

Join us for a tasting!

Our tastings are deeply educational but also super fun, and you will leave knowing a lot more about wine than you started with.  We even have a super cute dog named Buffy who sometimes joins us for the event!

Happy tasting and until next time, Santé!

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