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Immerse yourself in a wine tasting experience designed for Francophiles like you. Explore Beaujolais, Burgundy, and the Rhône without leaving the heart of Lyon.

5 Stars on TripAdvisor and Google

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"This was one of the best wine tasting experiences I have ever attended."

- Andre, June 2022




Margaret Rose

Your Somms.

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The Wines of Lyon

5 Wines · 2 Hours · 8 Guests Max · 1 Cheese & Charcuterie Board

Immerse yourself in an exclusive, intimate wine-tasting masterclass in central Lyon, featuring at least five premium wines from iconic regions like Beaujolais, the Northern Rhône, and Burgundy, complemented by a spectacular local cheese and charcuterie board.



  • What: Small group wine tasting masterclass with Margaret Rose

  • Price: €89 per person

  • Where: early 1800s silk factory loft apartment

  • When: Monday-Friday

  • Duration: approx 2 hours 

  • Group size: maximum 8 people (for larger groups click here)

  • Includes: Guided wine tasting with at least 5 premium wines and a spectacular local cheese & charcuterie board. Always includes wines from Beaujolais, the Northern Rhône, and Burgundy.

7 Wines · 2 Hours · 1 Cheese & Charcuterie Board

Private Wine Tasting

Embark on an exclusive journey through Lyon's exquisite wine regions with a small group masterclass led by our somm, seven premium wines from Beaujolais, the Northern Rhône, and Burgundy, and a lavish local cheese and charcuterie board, all within the charming ambiance of a historic early 1800s silk factory.


  • What: Small group wine tasting masterclass with Caroline

  • Price: starts at €300 per person (price reduces with more people)

  • Where: early 1800s silk factory loft apartment

  • Duration: approx 3 hours 

  • Group size: 2+

  • Includes: Guided wine tasting with at least 7 fine wines and a spectacular local cheese & charcuterie board. Always includes wines from Beaujolais, the Northern Rhône, and Burgundy.

Don't miss out on this incredible wine adventure!

Why book a wine tasting in Lyon instead of a vineyard tour?

If you want to increase your knowledge, whether you're a connoisseur or a novice, our wine tastings are for you.

Visiting wineries is awesome, we know! But do you ever come away feeling like you really leveled up your knowledge? We hear people tell us again and again how they always seem to forget everything they were told on winery tours. This is because sampling 10 of the same wine type isn't a great way to learn about wine as a whole. 

At Lyon Wine Tastings, we present you with a comparative tasting, which is how we learned about wine.


Each of the wines chosen for our comparative lineup are totally different, so we can deeply delve into wine tasting, winemaking techniques, grape varieties, terroir, and more. 

By comparing different grapes and different regions, you expand your palate and knowledge way more than you do by only trying one type of wine.

If you do have time to do both while you're in Lyon, a tasting with us will set you up for much deeper learning the next time you go on a winery tour.

Praise for Lyon Wine Tastings

Google Reviews
December 2022

Definitely recommend!

The wine tasting with Caroline was a phenomenal experience! Won't ruin the surprise with too many details but it was a great experience from start to finish; very fun and educational! Have done wine tastings before but this was definitely a unique experience and really enjoyed both the wine and getting to hang out with Caroline!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Will we be full after our tasting?

A: You will be full and might need a small nap, but you'll still want to make dinner plans. Happy to give clients restaurant recommendations!

Q: I have dietary restrictions, will there be food for me?

A: If you let us know in advance of our tasting, we can accommodate you with ease. It's no big deal for us to make you a gluten free, vegan, or vegetarian spread. Whatever your restriction is, we are more than happy to create you a delicious spread as long as you 🚨let us know in advance🚨.

Q: What language are the tastings in?

A: Lyon Wine Tastings are in English, but Franglais can be accommodated.

Q: Where do you get your wines from?

A: We get most of the wines directly from the vineyards, some we buy from trusted distributors. Learn more about our suppliers here.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: We understand that life happens. You can cancel up to 24 hours in advance with a full refund of your ticket price. I also accept re-bookings.

Q: How do we get to our tasting?

A: Lyon is very walkable! The apartment is in the Croix-Rousse neighborhood, which is on top of a giant hill. It's a beautiful walk up ancient staircases filled with artisan boutiques, street art, secret passageways, and even an abandoned Roman ampitheater, but it is still 15 minutes of stairs if you don't stop and take in the scenery. Walking will set you up to really deserve all this wine and cheese, but you can also take the Metro C from Hôtel de Ville straight up to the Croix-Rousse station and walk 3 minutes from there. We won't judge, we do it all the time.


Add 15 minutes to any Uber ride you plan to take in Lyon, trust us.

Q: When is the tasting? How long does it last?

A: Tastings begin at 5pm and run for 2 hours. Please be on time, it's tough on us if you're early because I'll still be setting up, and it's tough on the group if you're late because the whites go cold!

Q: Should we eat before our tasting?

A: Please do! It's never good to drink a lot on an empty stomach. And you'll be drinking a lot of wine!


Q: My dates aren't showing up in the calendar.

A: We are probably out of town, but email us just in case!

Q: Will I be drunk at the end of my tasting?

A: That depends a lot on you, there is plenty of food but also plenty of wine. For some people that is a lot, for some it's just right! We strongly discourage you from planning to drive afterwards.

Q: Can I bring my kids to your tastings?

A: Children are not invited to my tastings for logistical and legal reasons. Mostly it's cause it's a studio, there's nowhere to put kids and we don't have any electricity in the cellar so they wouldn't be very happy down there either.

The drinking age in France is 18, and we will not accept anyone under that age. We reserve the right to ask for ID to verify the age of anyone looking suspicious and to kick them out if they can't provide it!

Q: Is Caroline’s dog home during the tastings?

A: Buffy can be there when she hosts her tastings. She is a hypoallergenic (non-shedding) cockapoo. She's 2 years old and very energetic, and she loves you!

If you are not comfortable with dogs for any reason it's easy enough for her to NOT be at the tasting. No pressure!



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