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Make the most of your time in the Gastronomic Capital of France

Looking for a Lyon wine and food experience?

You're in good hands! Here are some of the fun things we can do together.

I can create customized itineraries that suit you and your interests.

  • Day trip to Beaujolais

    • visit 2-3 winemakers​

    • fancy lunch

  • Day trip to the Northern Rhône​

    • visit 2 winemakers​

    • fancy lunch

    • chocolate factory!

  • Day tour in Lyon​

    • gourmet historic Old Town tour

      • guaranteed not boring

      • break into secret medieval passageways with me!

    • fancy lunch

  • 3 Day Taste of Lyon Tour

    • Private Wine Tasting in Lyon

    • Gourmet Old Town Tour

    • Day Trip to the region of your choice

  • Gourmet Lyon Day

    • Cooking class at the Institut Paul Bocuse

    • Tour of Les Halles Paul Bocuse

    • Fancy dinner at an alumni of the Institut Bocuse or if you really want to treat us we can go to the OG 2 star Paul Bocuse restaurant and eat enough food each to feed a small village

  • Beer Tour

    • Why not? Beer is awesome!

    • Brew your own beer

    • Visit a local brewery or just do a brewpub tour

    • Drink all the beer​​​​​​

  • Market Tour and Cooking Class with Drunk Lunch

    • Come shop at my fabulous local farmers market with me​

    • We'll come back to my place and raid my cellar and cook a fabulous lunch

    • Then we'll eat it and drink too much and just be prepared to not leave until it's dark out

These are just some of the fun things we can do, get in touch to customize your experience.

Call me at +33 (0) 4 51 08 80 32 or email me at caroline at lyon wine tastings dot com

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