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Wine Tasting

This quarantine life sucks, but where there's wine, there's a way. I am hosting free online wine tastings at 6pm French time on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.


  • Book your spot (if you need to cancel, please let me know, no shows acquire bad karma points)

  • Download Zoom on your computer, seriously its way better than doing it from your phone

  • When you sign up include your chosen wine in the booking notes OR

  • Respond to my confirmation email with your chosen wine 

  • You have to BYO wine, we don't all need the same wine, so don't worry about that. Just drink whatever you have!

  • I will send you our Zoom link as well as a printable tasting note template.

  • We will meet virtually and take notes and discuss our wines.

  • Groups are limited so we can actually have some real human connection, talking and active participation is highly encouraged, really, it's the point!

  • Why not? It's free! 


  • Be above your country's legal drinking age, obvi.

  • This is a ZERO JUDGEMENT SPACE. I don't care if you're drinking 2 buck chuck or Château Margaux

  • There are never, were never, and never will be any stupid questions about wine. Ask them all.


  • This has been shockingly popular and people are signing up higgldy piggldy. Since it's free that means that there are no-shows, so I do have a wait list. Subscribe to my newsletter and email me to get updates!


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