Lyon Wine Club - November 13th

And for week two we have a selection from Le Troisième Fleuve, a great caviste with two locations in Lyon.

Vincent, the proprietor, carefully curates the selection from tiny production, natural wine makers. You can find his shops in Valmy and right behind the Musée des Beaux Artes.

The shop is named for the Lyonnais pet name for Beaujolais, "the Third River". Love it!

In this box we have 2 whites and a red.

Domaine Monier Perreol - Viognier Roussanne IGP Collines Rhodaniennes 2019

This producer farms only in the St Joseph appellation, but because of the way French wine laws work, this white blend can't be St Joseph AOC, since the viognier is not allowed. This is why it's IGP Collines Rhodaniennes, which is the category that encompasses a bigger area of the Northern Rhône valley, and allows for more flexibility.

I think IGP Collines Rhodaniennes is a GREAT place to look for great value wines. These are wines that often wouldn't be available in a foreign market so take advantage of it while you're in Lyon!

This wine is certified biodynamic, which is basically organic but extra.

Domaine Richaud - Cairanne - 2018

Cairanne is a great little AOC that is brand new, before the past decade it was just Côtes-du-Rhône! If you've been down to the Southern Rhône, you'll find the Cairanne AOC just Northeast of the city of Orange.

Winemaker Marcel Richaud was a pioneer of natural winemaking in this region, and is highly respected.

This wine comes from old vines with an average age of between 40 and 70 years, and is a classic GSM blend.

GSM stands for Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, and is the base for the Southern Rhône wines and many Languedoc wines as well. In this case we have 50% Grenache, 25% Mourèdre, and then also small bits of Syrah, Carignan, Cinsault, and Counoise.

This blend is a big red from a hot place, expect tons of fruity, spice, and power.

Ermitage du Pic St Loup - Saint Agnes Pic St Loup 2017

This is another recent AOC, but this time from the Languedoc. This is a stunning region at the base of giant mountains that is really coming into its own in terms of quality.

As is the way with lots of Languedoc AOCs, until the last 20 years the wines were mostly bulk and pretty crappy. Winemakers here have had to really push past bad reputations and reclaim quality, and they gained AOC status in 2017.

Again, we're mostly dealing with the GSM blend.

For this winery, we have three brothers behind the label, making biodynamic wine of the highest quality.

While our Cairanne was mostly Grenache, this Saint Agnes blend is 40% Syrah and 40% Grenache, with the misc grapes making up the rest.

These two reds will offer an interesting comparison into how similar and different the GSM blend can be!

Look forward to chatting about it on our Zoom Happy Hour!


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