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Dinner in Lyon


Curious about Lyon?

Are you interested in learning about Lyon, our wines, and the fabulous restaurant scene here with a local?

Join the handful of extroverts who have taken me out to dinner. It's always super, super fun! We might end up at a karaoke bar in an ancient medieval basement, just depends how the night goes.

Why am I an amazing dinner companion?

Well besides being Lyon's premier anglophone wine expert, I'm also a classically trained chef! If you love learning about local food, I'm your gal.

Lyon has a fantastic food scene, we can go fancy, traditional, modern, crazy, anything you want!

I am also full of sparkling, witty banter, an absolute delight. 

To take me to dinner, book a date that works for you below and if we're good to go I'll send you a link for the €60 payment. 

The fee reflects my devotion to finding us a great spot as well as my time in the evening.

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