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Beaujolais - Rhône - Burgundy

Private Lyon
Wine & Vineyard Tour

Experience the most intimate wine tour you've ever had!

Details of the Lyon Wine Tour

  • What: Private Tour of one of Lyon's Wine Regions

  • Includes: Private luxury van with our own chauffeur, 3 winery visits and a fabulous gastronomic lunch. At least one visit with the winemaker themselves (this is very rare for wine tours!) and often I can convince them to join us for lunch (cause they're my friends).

  • Where: Beaujolais, our most local wine region, which is objectively the best and most wonderful place in the whole world, OR the Northern Rhône, which is awesome but I love Beaujolais more tbh. I can do Burgundy but it's a different can of worms and will need more time to set it up.

  • When: starts at 9am and ends at 6pm.

  • Duration: all day! I don't do half days cause I don't like the car to fun ratio of a half day.

  • Group size: maximum 6 people.

  • Cost per person: starts at €1,200 per person for 2, price decreases with larger groups


All wine tours are customized to your visit. To arrange a visit, please contact me ASAP. They do required lead time to organize, so one week in advance is preferable although I have been known to make miracles happen on short notice.

How incredible would it be to spend time with actual winemakers? Visit stunning castles? Experience the depth and beauty of a wine region with through an insider's access?

Three members of Greta Van Fleet in a Beaujolais Winery with Caroline Conner and Guillaume Goujon

Has something been missing from the wine tours you've been on in other places? Wish you had access to actual winemakers?

When you come with me to the wineries, we go and visit my friends. 

Every tour is different, usually we hit up at least one castle, and we always spend time with at least once winemaker themselves.

If we're lucky, they might even join us for lunch! 

My tours are special because they're custom and I do them pretty rarely, so I don't exhaust my winemakers. 

This is a once in a lifetime experience that is truly intimate, come join me as we visit this region that I am so passionate about!

Had an amazing time in Summer 2022 with rock band Greta Van Fleet! You, too, can be a rockstar with me on this Beaujolais wine tour.


Hi, I'm Wine Dine Caroline

I've been in the wine business for 15 years so believe me, I know how confusing French wine can be! I hold a WSET Level 4 Diploma and teach university students at the prestigious Institut Paul Bocuse.


I'm a native Californian who moved to Lyon in 2017 to pursue my passions of eating lots of cheese and drinking great wine. Mostly, I loved Lyon because it was smack dab in the middle of three of my favorite wine regions: Beaujolais, Burgundy, and the Rhône!

I love taking small groups to Beaujolais, these intimate experiences are always different and super fun. We'll spend the day together learning about France, Beaujolais, and wine. 

We'll also enjoy some fabulous food, of course!


I'll pick you up with my chauffeur in his luxury van at 9am. Yes, I will bring coffee and the best damn croissants you've ever tasted.

The drive to the vineyards usually takes an hour, during which time we'll get to know each other and I'll tell you about the region, its history and its wines.

We'll hit up one producer before lunch, walking the vines, exploring the winery, and of course tasting!

After that we'll head to lunch, where we'll have a fabulous 3 course meal with plenty of amazing wine at a local gastronomic restaurants.

In the afternoon we'll visit two more producers, before heading home to arrive in Lyon by 6pm. 

We will definitely visit at least once castle, and we will have one on one time with at least one actual winemaker during our tour. This is rare for wine tours and something that is important to me!

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